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Understanding Soundboard - the construction of a modern Grand Piano

- Joachim Leonardy |


How is a Grand Piano constructed and how does this influence the interaction between construction and sound? Can you have an idea of the sounding capacities of an instrument by just looking at is shape? Do you expect all details you find in pianos have been part of a big plan? Can repair be an improvement? Can you influence the speed of sound? Curious? Questions? We are happy to meet you!

Main topics:

Strong Back

· bracing / Rim / rim press

Iron Frame

  • too light or heavy

  • Broken plate / Repair

  • Relationship between plate and bracing


  • shape and size / design

  • Bridge shapes

  • Ribs

  • Bridge cuts and areas in the soundboard

  • Frequencies in the soundboard

  • Regulation of and regulating the speed of sound

  • Thickness of board / Tapering

  • Soundboard separations and deformation

  • Deformation by stringing

  • Sounding areas


  • Scale Design and Sound board design work together

  • Rebuilding and changing scale design

  • Incorrect plate and bridge location

  • Crown and Downbearing

  • Enhancement through tension

  • Duplex

  • Controle

Speaker: Joachim Leonardy ... Who doesn't know him?!

In his professional life, Joachim Leonardy is accompanied by wings of all kinds and is particularly appreciated by all seminar participants due to his high level of knowledge.

Already in his teaching company, the Musikhochschule des Saarlandes in Saarbrücken, the focus was on the handling of grand pianos. Here he was able to gain a lot of valuable experience with professional pianists and by supervising concerts.

He then deepened his experience for eight years at the renowned Piano-Fischer company, Schorndorf, where he worked in service, workshop, sales and concert service.

In order to complete his knowledge after his extensive practical experience in the professional piano and grand piano sector, he switched to production. At Seiler, Kitzingen, his tasks included the further development of all instruments and management of the entire production.

Quotes from his students:

"He is always able to explain down to the last detail the physical laws that underlie grand piano regulation and that the piano maker can consciously apply at will."

"All in all, this grand piano mechanics seminar was very helpful for piano makers who have so far only worked on pianos or for whom the topic of grand piano mechanics has simply been neglected so far. But also for those who wanted to check, supplement or refresh their existing knowledge, it was very good and comprehensive."

"The Swiss Army Knife of Piano Making"

Since 2008, Joachim Leonardy has been successfully contributing his experience to JAHN Pianoteile. In addition, he is active in the field of consulting for well-known German piano manufacturers in grand piano and piano service.


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