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Piano World

All well-known piano and grand piano manufacturers in Europe will be represented with their instruments in this separate, spacious piano area. 

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Pianosalon Europe: Kiev room and Helsinki foyer

A special highlight awaits you on level 2 in the piano salon 1 and 2!
The best instruments from all well-known keyboard instrument manufacturers are represented there.

In the Pianosalon 1 / Kiev room you can expect 10 concert grand pianos from the leading European piano and grand piano manufacturers.
In the Pianosalon 2 / Foyer Helsinki you can immerse yourself in a sonic journey through time with handcrafted keyboard instruments. From romanticism to classicism to modern times, handcrafted and precisely crafted masterpieces are exhibited here.

The special thing: All instruments want and should be played!
In 15 minute intervals you have the unique opportunity to play and compare the instruments individually and in peace. You can register on site at the relevant rooms.

You can also visit the instrument presentations of the respective manufacturers and get in touch with the company’s representatives directly!

On Friday evening at 6:30 p.m. there will be a one-off special concert with these instruments spread across the entire level 2: “Bolero performance on 10 grand pianos and 1 celesta and pictures of an exhibition on 13 grand pianos”.

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The other showrooms and areas for manufacturers and suppliers are grouped around the Kiew area.

The acoustic stage in “St. Petersburg” provides additional animation on the “key level”, especially for the interested audience.

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