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Conditions of participation


Conditions of Participation Europiano Congress 8th to 10th March 2023 in Nuremberg (General Terms and Conditions)

1. Purpose of the regulation

This contract regulates the mutual contractual obligations between the BDK Association of German Piano Builders e. V. (organizer) and the participant in the “Europiano Congress 2023 in Nuremberg” (participant). The contents of the contract are determined by the documents “Registration”, “Confirmation of registration” and these contractual conditions. If necessary, further contractual agreements can be made individually. These documents can be submitted through declarations in web forms or by email.


2. Participants, registration and conclusion of contract

Members of the national piano making associations that form the Europiano Association are eligible to take part. Authorization is carried out by comparing the associations’ member data. The participant is entitled to book an accompanying person management package of scope A or B for an accompanying person. Persons who receive a confirmation of participation from the organizer are also eligible. The participant enters his or her data in the online registration form, selects a service package and submits the data in accordance with the sending routine of the registration form (“offer”). The organizer then sends the participant a confirmation of participation (“acceptance”), after which the participation contract is concluded.


3. Services

The participant is entitled to the provision of the services in accordance with his booked package. The organizer is entitled to change, add, replace or delete individual service features, provided that this does not change the overall character of the event and the service package. The organizer points out that only services that are listed in the service overview are included in the contract. All other options mentioned on this website that are available in the context of the congress and the music fair are expressly not included. Mentions on the website are of an advertising nature and do not constitute a legal right to claim. Insignificant changes made by the organizer do not constitute a defect. A change to the individual service is irrelevant if the change to the individual service does not amount to more than 5% of the total scope of services. The organizer reserves the right to change the order of the events and does not constitute a defect. The impossibility of participating in two events taking place at the same time does not constitute a defect. The organizer ensures that each participant will attend at least two events in addition to the annual conference. The absence of an announced specialist lecturer will be compensated for by a replacement and does not represent a shortfall in performance. Travel and accommodation are not part of the contract.

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