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Transducer – piano of the future – concert/demonstration



Experience a fascinating musical journey from the Baroque to the present, presented by students from the Nuremberg University of Music on the “piano of the future” – the unique transducer grand piano. Under the direction of Prof. Toni Hinterholzinger, Prof. Dr. Aurelia Vișovan, Prof. Peter Gahn, Neus Estarellas Calderón and Alexander Bauer will explore a wide range of technical possibilities on this innovative instrument from the Steingraeber Bayreuth piano manufacturer. From historical atmosphere to the integration of electro-acoustic music, from the original grand piano sound to other original forms of expression - the exciting range of playing options is extremely diverse.

The transducer grand piano is a groundbreaking addition to conventional acoustic keyboard instruments, enabling electro-acoustic vibration excitation of the soundboard. Hardly visible from the outside, the technical implementation of the Steingraeber Bayreuth piano manufacturer enables the conception and performance of “hybrid” piano works in which traditional playing style meets computer-aided sound expansion.


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