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Seminar on the topic of 'Scale Design'

- Peter Tholey |


Main topics:


Even volume distribution within a piano scale

Adjustment of the 1-, 2- and 3-unison strings


Meaning of:

1)    Tensile force per string

2)    Tensile force per unison

3)    Relative tensile force distribution

4)    Loudness index


Even distribution of sound quality within a piano scale

Adaptation of the plain strings to the wound strings

Adaptation of single-wound strings to double-wound strings

Sonic breaks around plate bars


Meaning of:

1)    Speaking length

2)    Harmonicity of the speaking length

3)    Inharmonicity

4)    Harmonicity

5)    Load to the breaking point


Adjustment of the stringing to the soundboard


Meaning of:

1)    String impedance

2)    Soundboard impedance


Adaptation of the hammer heads to the stringing


Meaning of:

1)    attack time

2)    Striking length


Strategies for optimising scales


Every seminar participant can send me a piano scale up to one week before the start of the seminar, whose analysis and optimisation can be discussed at the seminar


I will be happy to send you the scale form by email if required

Please contact me at




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