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European-style Grand Pinblock Replacement

- Christian Bolduc |


Replacing the pinblock in a grand piano can be quite awkward when a solid piece is inlayed in the structure on both sides of the case. Christian will show how to handle a Bechstein grand piano pinblock, demonstrating both the removal and installation procedures necessary for a perfect fit.

Christian Bolduc is a technician/bellyman specializing in soundboards and pinblocks. Following his studies at Ecole du Meuble de Victoriaville to become a fine cabinet and furniture maker, he spent a full year at the Schimmel factory in Braunschweig, Germany studying piano structure and design. His combined understanding of wood and design has made him an expert in his niche. He is a constant searcher for new ideas and methods to make your rebuilding projects easier. Christian is the president and owner of Pianos Bolduc.


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