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One grand piano - two characters

- Frans Pietjouw, PTDAE/ Netherlands |


One grand piano - two characters

Frans Frans Pietjouw, PTDAE/ Netherlands , Pianist / follows


One grand piano - two actions. The weight of hammers has a great influence on the sound character!

"Strike weight" and "ratio match" are the two magic formulas for a well-functioning grand piano mechanism. Or rather: for the different sensations of playing with an evenly balanced action.


Frans Pietjouw and Bas Steemers from the Precision Touch Design Academy Europe (PTDAE) explain the different curves and how to achieve a so-called match.


In the concert and panel discussion you can hear the result on the stage. The light hammers give the instrument a completely different character than the heavy hammers. This distinction is made clear to the audience. A pianist leads through the comparison with great works and chamber music.Seminar: Action Weighting PTDAE (1)

Concert - Panel discussion: One grand piano - two characters Concert (2)

Change: Concert cancelled.

Instrument: Grotrian Helffrich Schulz, Th. Steinweg successor, ca. 1900 , Mod. 190 cm

(demonstration of the grand piano with two different actions via Powerpoint)


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