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Europiano Degree exams

- Gunther Schaible |


The content of the lecture is the training, further education and advanced training in piano construction. The modalities of the EUROPIANO DEGREE exam are presented. Visions are also shown of how the degree can be continued in the 2nd level, similar to the master craftsman's examination, and what is required of the graduates.

About the referee

In 1973 he began his career as a piano builder with an apprenticeship at Piano Fischer (then Schorndorf), worked at Bechstein in Berlin from 1977 and has been a technical teacher at the Oscar Walcker School in Ludwigsburg since 1983. In February 2016 he was appointed to the trade school board. So it is not surprising that his main task at Europiano is further training and examinations. As Europiano President, Gunther Schaible also cares deeply about the connection between the regional associations and Europiano.


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