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BDK tool committee

- Tobias Gaiser |


This time, we're diving into the process of restringing, showcasing an innovative, precise system that offers an intriguing alternative to the traditional marking method. 

Drilling hammer heads is also on the agenda, along with a selection of handy tools. 

In the realm of tuning hammers, we're presenting not only DIY solutions but also a new, ergonomic carbon variant. 

I've always been thrilled by the presentation of fresh, spontaneous ideas. It would be great to have you join us.


Visit Johanna Riggenmann at ( to see how she skillfully handles various languages. She easily adds new languages not yet listed, and appreciates any support you can provide.


1) Johanna Riggenmann: Nomenklaviatur (introduction)

2) Christof Kershgens: String measuring system for stringing      

3) Tobias Gaiser: „trimmed“ rubber mute for temprament

4) Holger Huhn: piano covers

5) Andrej Vivod: open-sounding music stand for grand piano and voicing block

6) François-Jérôme Vincent - Korbinian Rapp: Hammerhead measuring systems (2)

7) Johanna Riggenmann: Tuning hammers, but if so, then noble!

8) Jahn: Stand for Life Saver and quick function check


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