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The Dolce pedal and the tuba mechanics from Steinway & Sons

- Simon Rempe |


The Dolce Pedal:

With the development of the Dolce Pedal 2019, the engineers at Steinway & Sons have created another masterpiece that offers musicians a grand piano-like playing feel and unimagined possibilities for tonal differentiation.

Whether in forte or piano - this technical innovation allows even more precise articulation and faster repetition and creates new sound worlds. The attack and tone volume of the Steinway piano can now be controlled even better and ensure a significant improvement in playing and therefore even more enjoyment from playing the piano.

We present this news to you and invite you to try out the Dolce Pedal at our exhibition stand.

The tube mechanics:

The tube mechanism with the patent from 1869 is still installed in all grand piano models today. In the seminar, we would like to explain the geometric key points for positioning and give tips on changing a new tube frame to the old keyboard frame.

About the speaker:

Simon Rempe is a master piano maker and has been working as a concert technician at Steinway & Sons in Hamburg since 2017. With his almost 35 years of professional experience, he has extensive knowledge of the field, concert service and repair areas.

He has been involved in the BDK board since 2007 and has been second chairman since 2021.


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